3 Best Smartphones Under 700 dollars to Buy 2021

In early 2021, Samsung confidently released their best flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series. Divided into three types into S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra makes this HP immediately becomes a hunt for the Sultan with a thick bag. It's only natural that they are very happy with this Samsung flagship because the features it has are real monsters and can certainly last for years.

However, not everyone can have the best masterpiece from Samsung because the price is very expensive and translucent up to 1200 $ for the S21 Ultra with the highest version of 16 GB Internal RAM 512 GB. 

But, of course, there are still many roads to Rome. I can see some Smartphone recommendations below 10 million which I think the quality does not differ much from the S21 Series. No need to linger, I recommend HP below 700 dollars.

S20 FE

The first smartphone to make the list of best smartphone recommendations under 10 million that is not inferior to the S21 Ultra is the S20 FE. HP which is still one family with S20 Series is able to offer a luxurious sensation for people who own it. Smartphone flagship features such as water resistance, wireless charging, as well as chipsets that are not inferior to its older brother make this smartphone very recommended to have.

Then, this smartphone has a battery capacity of 4500 MAh supported by a powerful chipset that makes this smartphone power consumption safe to use all day. This smartphone is sold for 700 $ for 128 GB internal 8 GB RAM with a wide selection of colors.

ASUS ROG Phone 3

For gamers who want to have a smartphone with the ability to live a capable game, this smartphone can be the best solution. Equipped with Qualcomm's strongest chipset, Snapdragon 865+, supported by a 6000 Mah battery, and 128 Gb internal 8 RAM, making its performance can not be underestimated. this smartphone can be owned with a fund of 650 $.

With a price below 10 million, ASUS ROG Phone 3 makes this smartphone has a value that is not inferior to the S21 Ultra which is insanely bandrol by Samsung.

Samsung M51

The last list in this discussion is Samsung M51. As a Series M family that adheres to the tradition of smartphones with rhino batteries, this smartphone became the first smartphone with a battery of 7000 MAh. Make the life of this smartphone will last use in two days in normal use.

This Samsung M51 not only wins in the long life. This smartphone also gets a powerful chipset that is Snapdragon 730G that makes the performance of this smartphone can be maximized. Coupled with the Super AMOLED screen makes people will stay at home for a long time looking at the screen on this smartphone because it is very good to look at.

This Samsung Galaxy M51 comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal is priced at 530$; very worth buying. Starting from powerful chipsets, AMOLED screens, and large batteries make this smartphone perfect for those with high mobility.

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