7 Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone

Many Android users are familiar with the term rooting.

Rooting Android is a lot of advantages. 

One of which is that android users can access hidden features of android. 

But many people do not realize that rooting android turns out to be a lot of disadvantages.

Here are 7 Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone.

1. Warranty Loss 

What happens is we can no longer do repairs in the service center for free.

Many articles have discussed this.

That if we rooting android, then the automatic android warranty will be lost.

Then what happens if we lose the warranty on android?

Are you still sure you want to root your android?

2. Android Becomes Insecure

If you are still desperate rooting your android, then it can be said that your android becomes insecure.

Why did it happen?

Because after rooting your android, the android system becomes completely open to access or be accessed by other systems.

Your Android will be more vulnerable to outside threats.

One of them is the threat of malware.

3. Operating System Update Problems

What happens when android has been rooted, then you can do anything on android.

For example, android users can delete android built-in apps or also users can remove bloatware

Because it will make it difficult for you to update in OTA (Over The Air).

Even if you get an android update notification, but when you update, the android system will reject it.

This is because the default system has been erased.

4. System Damage on Android

After you experience operating system update problems, you will experience damage to the android system.

This is because the system running on android is unstable.

Therefore we recommend that you be more careful when you are going to rooting android.

5. Android Becomes Prone to Viruses

If you are rooting your android, it is like you are doing a complete release from protection from the android side.

Because the defense system on your android phone will be deleted automatically after you successfully root your android.

If this happens on your android phone, then be prepared your android will get a virus.

The virus can enter because your android no longer has protection.

Then rethink when you're going rooting.

6. Root Failed

Root failure also often occurs when you are rooting on your android phone.

 This can cause android to bootloop or die completely.

This happens because of the root process related to firmware and the core programs of your android.

So, one trivial mistake can make your android risky and difficult to overcome.

7. Overheat

The rooting process will cause your android to overheat.

Because rooting makes your android forced to run a system that shouldn't be run.

This can make your android hot quickly and the battery will drain quickly.

In addition, this can cause damage to the hardware on your android.

So rethink before rooting your android.

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