Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Review of Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G successor of the flagship generation in the previous S20 series.

In terms of design Samsung Galaxy S21 5G brings a design that I think is very luxurious. 

If we look at the Samsung S20 series before, in my opinion, it is not as interesting as the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G on this one.

If we look at the back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G it has a very luxurious design.

Judging by the neat laying of the rear camera module.

This smartphone has a 6.2-inch Dynamic Amoled screen with 1500 brightness needs that make the screen still comfortable to use outdoors.

For the camera itself, this premium smartphone is no doubt.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has three vertically arranged cameras with a very fitting camera module laying. 

The three camera lenses also have different functions, among them the first camera is white 12 MP, then the second camera is telephoto 64 MP, and the third camera is ultra wide 12 MP.

While the front camera has a resolution of 10 MP.

The configuration of the front camera and rear camera that looks interesting makes this smartphone very steady.

For chipsets and performance, for Samsung Galaxy S21 5G presents its latest chipset, Exynos 2100 with Mali-G78 GPU with Ram support of 8 GB and internal memory of 128 GB / 256 GB.

With this performance, this smartphone is very suitable for heavy work and gaming.

For the battery itself, this smartphone is equipped with 4000 mAh of power, which I think is very less, because if this smartphone is used to work all day will not be enough.

For its own price Samsung Galaxy S21 5G priced at $849.

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