Interesting Facts about Aristotle's Life


Interesting Facts about Aristotle's Life

Written by: Dr. Fahruddin Faiz, M.Ag.

Aristotle (384 BC–322 BC) was a Greek philosopher, a disciple of Plato, and teacher of Alexander the Great.

Aristotle wrote a variety of different subjects, such as physics, metaphysics, poetry, logic, rhetoric, politics, government, biology, and zoology.

Together with Socrates and Plato, Aristotle is considered to be one of the three most influential philosophers in the history of Western thought.

Here are some interesting facts about Aristotle's life:

Orphans Schooled by Brother-in-Law 

Aristotle's father was Nicomachus, who was a court doctor in the era of Macedonian King Amyntas II.

Nicomachus died when Aristotle was a child.

Aristotle's mother Phaestis also died when Aristotle was a child.

After the death of his father, Proxenus of Atarneus—who married Aristotle's older brother Arimneste—then took care of Aristotle.

When Aristotle was 17 years old, Proxenus sent him to Athens to study.

In Athens, Aristotle attended Plato's Academic school.

After Plato died, Aristotle's friend Hermias, who was king of Atarneus and Assos Mysia, invited Aristotle to the palace.

During his three years in court, Aristotle met Pythias—who was Hermias' cousin. Aristotle and Hermias eventually married.

Aristotle Family Unique Facts

Aristotle married Pythias, a cousin of Hermia's. Pythias gave a child, who was also named Pythias.

Aristotle's father was named Nichomachus. Aristotle also had a son named Nichomachus who died in battle at a young age.

The name Nichomachus later became Aristotle's view group, Nichomachean Ethics.

When his wife—Pythias—died in an attack by the Persians, Aristotle later married Herpyllis who was a slave of Pythias. Herpyllis gave birth to a child, Nichomachus.

Morning Session and Afternoon Session

The school that Aristotle founded was open and open, his students could bring food. 

The lecture given by Aristotle was also fun, which was done while walking along with the school.

The lessons at Aristotle's school were divided into two sessions, namely morning and afternoon sessions.

The most difficult lessons are given in the morning session, and easier lessons and popular are given during the afternoon session.

Aristotle's Absurd Thinking

Aristotle believed that the sun surrounded the earth.

He also believes that objects fall at a speed according to their weight.

He also argues that women have fewer teeth than men.

And Aristotle was convinced that the baby's genitals were determined by the direction of the wind when the baby was born.

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